Data Analytics

Data underpins our operations and dictates our business strategy.

Data creates insights. Insights create value. Value drives change. A strong data capability is necessary to maintain informed perspectives and access to markets that often suffer from a lack of transparency. In such a fast-moving world, our focus on research and data analysis allows us to provide world-class business-building guidance to clients and portfolio companies.

Sustainable Development Lab

To act nimbly across geographies, sectors, and stakeholder groups, timely and accurate information is paramount.

Ambershore’s Sustainable Development Lab curates development country market information, as well as maintains a global database of governmental-driven, platform/collaboration-driven, and capital return-driven stakeholders.

Portfolio Company: DB Methods

DB Methods is a Vietnam-based data science company that began operating in March 2017. With its historical roots as a pioneer in bringing institutional research to frontier markets, DBM has the skillset and cost structure essential for providing advanced analytical capabilities at a compelling value for its clients.

DBM is dedicated to providing asset managers and investment researchers with customized tools and tailored analysis, incorporating de-biasing methodologies at their core. The company’s unique roots as investment managers distinguishes it from the wave of new data scientists focused on financial markets. DBM understands the informational challenges and inherent biases of investment decision making, but also recognizes the context and practical limitations of applying modern data science to overcome them.