For Investors

We unlock commercial and human potential by increasing access and mitigating risk.


There is a dynamic market demand that is driving an expanded definition of investment returns. Regardless of capital type, sector, or geography, investors must adapt to a market that is demanding transparency into the ways in which capital ripples beyond the investment target’s profit and loss statement.

Investors must also adapt to a rapidly changing geopolitical and demographic landscape, which often requires a more-informed and broader definition of risk.

For the most forward-thinking investors, responding to these market forces dictates asking new questions about traditional investment strategies, and in some instances, may encourage entrance into new markets and/or structuring new forms of collaboration around investment decision-making.

We work with investors to optimize their investment “returns” by:

Growing Portfolio Companies

Our collective expertise as former CEOs, lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and academics allows us to be valuable across sectors, geographies, and operational needs.

  • Cultivating Strategic Relationships
  • Providing Financial, Legal, and Operational Insights
  • Assuming Direct Involvement and Ownership
  • Leveraging China
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies

Expanding the Ambershore Sustainability Circle

We work closely with a select group of individual and institutional investors who share our interests and philosophy.

Helping Enter Sub-Saharan Africa

Capital deployment in Africa faces myriad challenges. Often investors have difficulty finding opportunities that meet requisite size. Even when identified, target investments can be difficult to diligence. Potential operational partnerships are problematic to evaluate and maintain. Ambershore assists investors in overcoming these challenges.

We believe that while risk must be mitigated as in any market, the difference between actual and perceived risk in many Sub-Saharan African markets is vast.

We bring expertise in the following areas:

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Market Entry
  • Government Relationships
  • Public Relations