For SMEs

We unlock commercial and human potential by empowering and accelerating growth.


Entrepreneurs drive growth through innovation and foster stability through job creation.

These ambitious and visionary individuals are an increasingly important component in tackling the development challenges of low-income markets, as well as helping manage the economic transitions caused by technology in high-income markets.

Inspired entrepreneurs are aligning corporate strategy, capital strategy, and strategic access to unlock profitable and sustainable growth.

We work with leaders to accelerate growth and empower sustainability by:

Cultivating Strategic Relationships

SMEs require a customized set of partnerships, and our network allows us to activate a relevant network of stakeholders, including:

  • Private Investors
  • Operational Partners
  • Development Finance Institutions
  • Multilateral Organizations
  • Government Agencies

Assuming Direct Involvement & Ownership

In select cases, Ambershore will elect to make an investment of capital and/or other resources.

This support may originate from our holding company, regional advisory companies, or the Ambershore Sustainability Circle, an exclusive set of investors whose philosophies align around common values.

Providing Financial, Legal, and Operational Insights

We provide executive-level services that assist SMEs with common early-stage growth challenges. Our collective expertise as former CEOs, lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and academics allows us to be valuable across sectors, geographies, and operational needs.

Leveraging China

China’s dramatic economic rise presents SMEs with new pools of capital sources, technology, development and operational expertise, as well as a target consumer base.

Ambershore knows how to navigate the vast landscape of Chinese investors, vendors, contractors, and distribution companies to ensure that any China strategy is custom-tailored, and any specific relationship is structured for longevity.