We support early-stage companies through equity and debt investment.



Direct Investment

Ambershore Technology Holdings

We make US $100,000 – US $500,000 equity investments into early-stage technology companies.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Venture Debt

Venture Capital Fund

Africa Connectivity Fund (under development)

We have mapped the market landscape of connectivity companies in 36 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, with connectivity defined as information and communication technologies, rural electrification, and financial technology.

The ACF is a traditional fund structure with a blended finance component, designed to provide US $1-4m loans to a target portfolio of 15 companies. The Fund has a total committed capital target of US $40m and intends to work with select development finance institutions to protect downside risk.


Equity & Grants

New Cooperative

Women Rising Initiative (under development)

The global ascendancy of women is the defining social issue of this century, and while progress has been made in highlighting the myriad forms of gender inequality, the list of issues that require sustained attention is long, complex, and different in every national context.

Corporations have much to gain from supporting the continued march toward female empowerment. We believe that new structures are needed to facilitate collaborative, expanded capital deployment by corporations that can positively impact brand value and support economic growth in societies where they operate and seek to expand.