Dameon Alexander


Washington, D.C.


Dameon has a unique set of skills in strategic planning, organizational development, research, education, entrepreneurship, and small-business development. He has a diversity of experiences ranging from television broadcasting for major networks such as NBC and ABC News, film production for Procter & Gamble, and senior management in academia.

In business, his passion for social impact started with his Doctoral work at the University of Cambridge where his research involved a multi-disciplinary experiment bridging education, economics, and corporate social responsibility. As a bi-product of his research, he started a volunteer effort working with educational institutions in the United Kingdom which emerged into a profitable consulting business. He has experience in domestic and in African, Asian, and Caribbean regions. He tends to focus on projects engaged in technology, agriculture, clean energy, and healthcare where education, training, and workforce development are embedded as core capacity building strategies.

As an academic, Dameon is a Sociologist with interests in economics and education. He has taught a variety of courses as a Professor at Georgetown University and George Washington University, in addition to working as an independent consultant on social enterprise ventures. He is the author of the book The Imprint of Business Norms on American Education, a research textbook centered on the nexus between big business and educational agendas.