Jarrod Jordan


New York

Jarrod Jordan has operationalized award-winning marketing and sales teams while managing large, multi-million dollar budgets for aggressive-growth corporations around the globe and in several different languages. His experience in leveraging quantitative analytics for omnichannel marketing in North America, Asia, and Europe has given Jarrod a unique lens into how to build successful revenue teams rooted in data-driven initiatives all over the planet.

Jarrod’s techniques have earned him invitations to deliver keynotes at Amazon Websummit 2017, Wearable Tech Conference 2017, Forbes CMO Series 2016, and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017. His teams have won many accolades from companies such as McKinsey & Company, Google, Frost & Sullivan, RedDot Design, Digital Trends, and Amazon. Jarrod has also been an on-camera for dozens of television shows including Cheddar (live from the NYSE), FOX News, ESPN, MSNBC, CNN, and many others.

Jarrod is currently Chief Marketing Officer of Noodle Partners, where he is operationalizing a team of marketing leaders, business developers, advertising agencies, SaaS providers, PR experts, coders, and data scientists who are focused on executing highly data-driven strategies and managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets for several of the world’s largest and well-known university brands.

Before leading the marketing efforts at Noodle Partners, Jarrod served as Chief Marketing Officer of Bragi where his team successfully opened markets, and became a top-selling brand, across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

Prior to Bragi, Jarrod was Executive Vice President of Thuzio. Where he led marketing and revenue efforts. His clients included Coca-Cola, Ogilvy & Mather, Bank of America, BMW, Comcast, and 100's more.

Jarrod grew up in Colorado and has a Bachelor of Science from Columbia University in New York City.