Our mission is to unlock commercial and human potential.

Today, governments, consumers and companies are developing new ways to make our world a more sustainable and equitable global community. Ambershore Group understands this unique moment in our global political, economic and social evolution.

As the language and expectations evolve in response to the reconfiguration of priorities, the supply side of the capital equation – corporations, funds, individual investors, multi-stakeholder entities, development agencies, NGOs, and others – increasingly recognizes the business opportunity in addressing the needs of investors, existing and prospective consumers, and businesses that have the potential to create both sustainable value and support causes. New business models and strategies are being created to support these activities.

We design innovative business models, initiatives, exchange platforms and campaigns that support clients in leading on their vision, delivering on their commitment to substantive change, growing their global influence and adding value to their bottom line.

With global expertise spanning issues including finance, education, gender, water and sanitation, sustainable energy, climate change and more, our team of strategists leverages its network of prominent stakeholders to enable strategic partnerships, engage political and cultural influencers, co-develop content products, create and monetize business models and intellectual property, and more.